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Pushing recordings from DLink DCS-5222L to the Cloud

The DLink DCS-5222L is a brilliant piece of kit. However, it provides limited functionality to push your videos and snapshots to the cloud. Below I describe how I have setup my DCS-5222L to push to the Cloud without intervention. One … Continue reading

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Java – Generating a list of files ordered newest to oldest

I recently had a situation where I needed an ordered list of file names by newest to oldest so I thought I would share the code. This uses the last modified date as in my case that worked and as … Continue reading

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Java Database Connectivity – MySQL, Oracle and SQLite

I have played around with database connectivity with Java for MySQL, Oracle and SQLite. I thought I would share some simple connection setup code¬†with the world. You will need to download and add the appropriate JARs to your project and … Continue reading

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How to install the Oracle JDBC into your local Maven repository

This will work to install any jar or package into your local Maven repository, just change the relevant sections in the command line entry. To get the Oracle Driver go toand then to the JDBC Drivers page which at the … Continue reading

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