Upgrade your Asus Eee to Windows 7

This is a brief guide as to how to install Windows 7 on your Asus Eee netbook.

Firstly go to http://support.asus.com/download/download.aspx?SLanguage=en-us

Search for Eee Family, Eee PC, 1005HA and download the following to an external media such as a USB stick.

  • BIOS (v.1102 or above)
  • Chipset Intel 945 (v9.1.1.1016)
  • VGA Intel (v8.15.10.1867)
  • SATA AHCI (v8.9.0.1023)
  • Touchpad (v13.2.6.1)
  • Bluetooth (v6.2.0.9600)
  • KB Filter (v1.0.0.3_32)
  • Audio (v6.0.1.5898)
  • LAN (v1.0.0.23)
  • Wireless 785H (v8.0.0.238 or above)
  • HotkeyService (v1.11.01)
  • Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) (v2.09)
  • ASUS Update (v1.03.03)


Under Windows XP in your Eee PC, upgrade BIOS via the ASUS Update.

  1. Install Windows 7 operating system from the DVD. Ensure that it is in the same language as your current Windows® XP operating system.
  2. Install required drivers, utilties, and applications in the following order:
    1. I. Chipset Intel 945: Run “Setup.exe”
    2. II. SATA AHCI:

Select “Start” then;

  • Select “Computer” and click the right mouse button
  • Open “Manage”
  • Select “Device Manager” under “System Tools” in the left hand column
  • Open “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” in the right column
  • Open the item with “AHCI”
  • Select the “Driver” page
  • Enter “Update Driver…”
  • Use “Browse…” to locate the “SATA AHCI_v8.9.1023” folder or where you saved the downloaded AHCI driver

Then continue to install the following;

III. VGA Intel: Run “Setup.exe”

IV. Hotkey Service: Run “HotkeyService_1.11.01.exe”

V. Touchpad: Run “Setup.exe”

VI. Bluetooth: Run “Setup.exe”

VII. KB Filter: Run “PNPINST.exe”

VIII. Audio: Run “Setup.exe”

IX. LAN: Run “Setup.exe”

X. Wireless 785H: Run “Setup.exe” in the “Install_CD” folder

XI. Super Hybrid Engine: Run “SuperHybridEngine_2.09.exe”

XII. ASUS Update: Run “AsusSetup.exe”

At this point you should be good to go!

For any assistance during the installation process, contact ASUS Support;